Sunday, May 13, 2012


By 1:30, we were onsite with the live sound recording and video recording gear… by 2:30 we were set up and ready to roll… the sound checks had been done for the most part… Everyone grabbed a snack courtesy of Fat Franks… The smell of hot dogs was definitely in the air… 

This is my 1st year blogging the event live and also the 1st year we're recording the entire event live (video and audio) in the hopes of an eventual DVD release. It's going to be pretty kick ass. I'm excited and just a little nervous. 

I had time after I set up the dual MacBooks and outboard gear to grab a dog and sit for a minute as I write the 1st blurb in what I hope will be a long and detailed account of what happened. 

My father, the owner of HayLoft Acres and the main dude for this venue is fluttering around the stage. My stepfather (the illustrious Gary) is shooting video for the event, and as always, I am with headphones listening intently as the VU meters flash away… 

Damn, that's a good hot dog. 

I've shot a couple dozen pics with the Nikon, and I'll be posting them at and by tomorrow… So stay tuned and check them out and definitely read on, as this will be a cool accounting of the events of Springtime in Alberta 2012…

It's 2:45 now. The stage is set up, the bands are in the green room waiting to go on. Sound is prepared. Video is prepared. There's a few people already sitting on the hill, best seats in the house, waiting for the gig to begin. 

It's 3:00… people are still sifting in… the hill's startin to fill up and Mr. Marv Machura just hit the stage… Just him and an acoustic and he's already got it nailed… It's nice to see… I've been here 9 years, so has Marv. he's a co-founder and a fixture out here… There's already the smell of a little stinkweed out here (also a fixture out here). 

MAN we've got a nice day. 21 degrees, sunny, but not TOO sunny… very little wind… Kind of a perfect day.

The hill is filling up and theres a steady stream of cars at the gate coming in… it's great. Michelle from City TV just showed up to help co-host. She's a great lady. Very classy. I watch her every morning giving the weather report on breakfast television, and now she's standing here asking me questions about my dad… Hehe.

It's 3:30…. my dad just took the drum throne behind Marv Machura to do a couple tunes. Despite the tumultuous relationship he and I have had over the years, I've never been more proud of the big knucklehead for putting this on, and for getting onstage and playing his heart out with these guys… THAT is a pleasure for me to see. Fills my heart up, that's for damn sure. 

The sound is kicking… We've got great signal coming in… The video is nice as it's not overlay bright… Lynn's doing a spectacular job on sound… for a small stage and a small PA it's pounding pretty hard. It all feel good… right… like it's all coming together. Except the beer guys are late as hell, LOL… They've just showed up at about 3:30, and are setting up in the tent not too far away from my control room.  Marv and Scot and my dad are just about ready to wrap up and Rob Taylor is up as the 1st tweener of the day (tweener for "in betweener").. One more for Marv and he's wrapped up for the day… 

It's 3:55… Rob Taylor is up for a few minutes. Again, one man, one acoustic. He's great. This guy is pretty awesome. It's funny… There's SO many people taking pictures of the event up front by the stage. Kind of like butterflies around a flower… They're moving in and out, left and right, snap a pic, then move away. It's pretty cool. 

I'm craving another dog. Seriously. It's hot, it's perfect hot dog weather. 

The beer guys are hauling ice tubs and kegs into the tent. Always a good sign of impending drunkeness. The wind's picked up a bit. A nice cool breeze is blowing, but it hasn't gotten out of hand… Already a hundred or more people are here, with the more coming through the gates all the time… I lean back in my chair, turn up the headphones a bit, close my eyes and get lost in the spring air… It's kinda of heavenly, this experience. On a personal note, with how buys I've ben lately with my own shit, and leading up to this, getting ready… It's so nice to be here, have it all working… My gear is preforming flawlessly… it's nice… the stress is just melting away.

As Puremud gets ready to play, Michelle is talking about the weather for the week… It's hilarious. 

Give it up for Puremud, ladies and gentlemen… 

Small technical glitch… Lost one channel for a sec, had to rewire on the fly. Lasted 10 seconds. This is great. pure mud is a great straight ahead classic rock and roll outfit. Classic and clean. pretty damn good.

They're rocking the place. People are dancing and having  a great time. The liquor is flowing nicely now, and we've reached a point in the afternoon where we can officially say "the groove has settled"… open ing jitters and nervousness are gone, people are loose, shit's come together and is working… I keep saying "it's nice" but you know what… it is… it's… nice.

Puremud's going to be wrapping up in a few. Another two tunes maybe. It's warm and pleasant. No wind right now. People are sitting on the hill, tanning, enjoying life, and having a good time… I'm starting to get a little tired myself. It's the 5:00 crash hitting me… but it will pass soon I'm sure. 

There's a nasty 60 cycle hum coming off the stage as Scot picks up the guitar. It's definitely on the stage side of things. Lynn's working on it, but it's coming through pretty definitively and it's coming through on the mix. Sucks. Tracking it down as I write this. LOL. Scot's playing a nice couple tunes as the Ruminators set up behind him. He's talented, this guy. And a nice guy to boot. 

5:22 - found the hum… it's gone. sheesh. what a trip that was… We're ready to go on with the Ruminators… Should be a good set. 

It's starting to pop out here. the beer tent is full, the hillside is filling up and there's a LOT of people here. The Ruminators are doing Santana… and getting everyone going… It's a good vibe out here tonight. For sure. They're doing The Tragically Hip's "Blow at High Dough" and the audience is going nuts… Moving, screaming… this is what it's all about. 

Doing a GREAT version of Van Halen's nice cream man, and talking about how much David Lee Roth sucks at 62 years old. LOL. These guys are a lot of fun.

They asked for an audience request (as they said they were brave enough to handle it) and is by magic cliche, someone yelled "SKYYYYNYYYRD!!!!" at the top of their lungs… If there are 3 solid cliches in rock music, it's stairway to heaven, smoke on the water, and skynyrd… The band immediately broke into a kick ass rendition of "3 steps" and seriously OWNED it. These boys have a lot of class.

Next up is "play that funky music" by Wild Cherry, and again the place is going nuts.. These guys know how to do it, that's evident. 

The temp is starting to drop and the wind is picking up a bit. Nothing serious, but people are donning windbreakers and denim, and the tanning has officially ceased, and legs and breasts are being covered up.

That reminds me of a joke. I was hanging out last night, and this young lady asked me if I preferred breasts or legs… I playfully admitted that what I loved most was a round, juicy, firm ass… Apparently I'm no longer welcome at KFC… BA DUM BUM. ( i travel with my own rimshot )

Ruminator's last tune is Golden Earring's Radar Love. Very nice way to end the set…

Shane McLaren is up. The heart and soul of Joe Public, who've played a few years at Hayloft Acres and Springtime in Alberta. Again. one man, one acoustic, and a just an all around great guy who shares my love of Jack Daniels. Should be a great set. I'm gonna stop blogging and listen. ;)

He sang a beautiful song to his wife who sang back from the audience… Then he did a SMOKIN cover of "Blister in the Sun" by the Violent Femmes… I might have been one of the only guys in the audience that got it… There's a heavy acrid smell in the air… and people are happy…

Shane's originals are stirring and wonderful. Everyone tends to stop what they're doing and listen when he's up there. He captivates, to be sure. 

It's come to my attention. An idea of sorts… going to try to insert pictures into the script here so you can see what I'm writing about maybe, why not… So if this works, you're going to see this text interspersed with pics from the gig. Let's see how it pans out :)


After Shane jumped the stage and ran, Mary Rankin and her flutist hit the stage for tweener duty. A couple quick tunes and then we're moving on to The Tragic Treasures and The HeartAcres.  It's going to be good to see him play again. Warms a son's heart. 

The Tragic Treasures are up on stage right now. I'm watching my dad belt out Nine Inch Nail's "hurt" and crush it. It's so nice to see him up there doing what he loves. Dad's come a long way in the last few years… I think he's taking himself a lot less seriously these days and that's as much a reason as anything. 

And then there's me. LOL yeah. we won't talk about my playing. Yikes. I definitely belong on THIS side of the soundboard. LOL

The tragic treasures set went off without a hitch. A little fast, but, very clean and very good.. It was nice to see the 'ol man smile again. He still looks a little stressed, but unlike the last few days where he looked like he was ready to strangle me with a guitar cable…

Ken Heinz (a good friend of mine, and one of the original founding members of Springtime in Alberta) got onstage with the Heartacres and rocked the place. Hard. Hillbilly rock at its' finest. 

It's gotten a bit colder since they took the stage, but everyone is still having a great time. And the smiles and the groove are contagious.

Just heard the Rangers won game 7. WOOHOO

The Heartacres are rockin it. Very laid back, very cool. I think everyone that's coming is already here… These guys are halfway through their set, and then there's just one band, the aptly named "what's the name of your band" band. LOL seriously.

A couple tweeners got up between bands, and threw out a few great tunes. And then what's the name of your band took the stage to close out the night… 

I'm tired. When this is done, gonna pack up, drive home, unload and sleep for about a week… I'll be posting this as soon as I get around to it. 

Thanks for the memories to everyone involved. I had a great time. And I'm hoping you all did too. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

A message from the man himself...

Hello friends and neighbors. Hope everyone is happy and healthy…

And so our ninth annual SpringtimeinAlberta is about to happen once more… boy time sure does fly and changes just keep coming.

As John Lennon once said…”Life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans", so why not make plans to come and enjoy a day in the country listening to some great homegrown music!

Are you ready for the country? Don't you wanna go?
Listening to some live music chewin' on a blade of grass?
The 9th annual SpringtimeinAlberta is happening on May 12th showcasing homegrown Alberta Music in the heart of Strathcona County.
See you on the hillside! Why not tell someone who will tell someone who will tell someone, who will tell someone, and so on, and so on, and so on :)

Hope to see you here! Stay tuned for more details...

Uwe and the HAYLoft gang

It's that time of year...

Springtime in Alberta 2012 is coming up fast. Here's yer 1st promo... Check back here for more details.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


With a little work on my end, I was able to restore an HTML backup of the site I had. So, we're back.

Stay tuned over the next little while for news and updates on Springtime in Alberta 2012.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Springtimeinalberta - the day after !

Mornin' all...

Springtimeinalberta went off with only a few minor hitches yesterday. Aside from a gale force wind (which DID keep the bugs to a minimum) the weather was fantastic. The booze was a little late showing up, but the boys from Yellowhead Brewery kept the suds flowing. The food was good and hot, and the sound production was AMAZING. As always.

I snapped some iphone pics... nothing major, and I am sure there will be lots more better ones than this coming soon, but here's a sample...

I hope everyone who attended had a good time, and we hope to see you all again next year :)

- Mike.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well just a few more sleeps and we will be hosting the 8th annual "SpringtimeinAlberta"...welcoming in another season of music and arts in the greater Edmonton's just bloody amazing how fast time flies...I wanna thank everyone who along the way gave up some of theirs for "the music"...

We have a great day of music lined up sure to please the palette ...the gates open at 1pm...

Come early and take a walk in the country soak up some vitamin D and sing in the sunshine...

Music starts at 3pm with the Ian McArthur Band and the day will finish off around 11pm with our headliners the Kyler Schogen Band...

we ask you bring a non perishable item for "the Strathcona County Food Bank"...

thank you all for your time along the way... hope to see you Saturday...

here's the lineup for the day;

1. the Ian McArthur Band
2. the Low Flying Planes
3. the Marv Machura Band
4. the Sulkin Lads
5. Joe Public
6. the Kyler Schogen Band

Supplemented by tweeners of the highest calibre...

Carrie Day...

Debbie Spence...

And myself !

Uwe and the HAYLoftgang

Thursday, April 21, 2011

SpringtimeinAlberta update !!!

Well can you believe it it looks as if SpringtimeinAlberta is after all going to come and grace us one more time...after the longest winter around these parts for a long long time...we all deserve a breath of fresh air....

thanks to our good friend Todd Oeming who pushed the snow off the hillside...with his most exxcellent skid steer...I think we should be able to have the 8th annual "SpringtimeinAlberta"...I know we will...

we have most of the Bands already booked...from HAYLoft favorites to perhaps bands you've never heard of...all come with a warranty to please the palate...waiting to hook up into Lynn Wells 's sound machine "Atlyn Productions"...who will again handle all the sound's shapin up to be a good ole comin home party...sure hope to see you here...

"SpringtimeinAlberta" May 14 - 2011...are you ready for the country

way more info to follow...Uwe


well here's the News...did a little interview with one of the local Newspapers...talking about all the goings on around the making of our 8th annual "SpringtimeinAlberta"...surely do appreciate the support...thank you Catherine all about it this coming "April 26th" Tuesday Sherwood Park News...for all you Strathcona County folks...I will also put up a link for it when I get one...

we have laid out a great days worth of music with some of the best around...some you know some you've never heard of and some you just won't forget too soon....for our 8th annual "SpringtimeinAlberta" come and spend some time in the country on the edge of town...
have a breath of fresh air and listen to some seriously great music...

as Scott Cook might say..."friends have I ever steered you wrong"

we proudly present the line up for May 14 - 2011

1. Joe Public

2. the Low Flying Planes

3. the Marv Machura Band

4. the Kyler Schogen Band

5. the Ian McArthur Band

6. the Sulkin Lads

Gates at 1pm starts at 3 only $20.00

if you need any further know how to reach me...thank you for your support of live music from the heart of Strathcona County...Uwe

please bring an item in support of the Strathcona County Food Bank...

here's those links

1. HAYLoft Acres facebook group page

2. SpringtimeinAlberta facebook event page

3. HAYLoftAcres blog

- Uwe

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated...

Hay everyone... Forgive the pun (hay.. hayloft... wakka wakka wakka)

it's your official webmaster here... The prodigal son of the hayloft.

I've been speaking to the big guy about upcoming events here and there and wanted to bring everyone up to speed. I know the site's been dormant a long time, but going forward will have more of a presence. You know how things can get sometimes...

First off... some links and resources for you to follow if you're interested.

Uwe's facebook site is there for all to see... Also check out Hayloft Acres on facebook, as well as hit the link for the Rock and Roll Reunion. That's upcoming at the Hayloft (July 9th) but we'll get more into that further down the post.

Uwe's site on Reverb Nation is rockin'... Check out some of his greatest hits and see what's happening over there...

Now... On to the upcoming event schedule.

Due to the long cold winter, and late thaw of what has become a record amount of snow, Springtime in Alberta is still just a tad up in the air... It's going to happen, it just has to be decided on what level and how... For all those who have volunteered and asked about it, we thank you for your vigilance... More news will be posted here as it becomes available.

The Rock 'n' Roll reunion is slated for July 9th... it's looking like it's going to be a GREAT show, and we're really excited about it. Check out the details at the Facebook page and get your tickets early... Again, more details on what's going on will be posted here as they come available...

Going to try to get a post up here every few days. If you have pictures of hayloft events gone by you'd like to share, send 'em up !!! I'll be happy to post them.

Yours in Internet awesomeness,


Sunday, May 16, 2010

springtimeinalberta - thoughts from the day after...

It was an event to remember. SERIOUSLY.

Double the crowd. The stage was AMAZING. At the tail end of the gig, I sat back on the hill with Uwe, and we watched a couple tunes, and the stage in total darkness was well... breathtaking.

Aside from a small tornado at the front gate (no, seriously), the weather was beautiful. The staff was phenomenal and made the work easy. The parking was ample, and it was a great great time.

Some highlights?

- Joe Public

- The stage was flawless and as a few of the guys form Joe Public put it? How could you NOT have fun up there.

- Marv Machura was great as always

- Celtic Fusion Illusion - kilts, pipes and all...

- The Heart Acres never sounded better.

- Uwe's mom showed and stayed for 6 hours and was SO proud of her boy!

- I had Ken's quad to ride all day while executing my "gopher" duty, and my feet STILL killed me, but what a day.

- Me and Mark Scholz from the A-Channel's Breakfast Television and CBC fame hung out. He's beyond cool as a person and it was great talking to him.

- the food was INSANELY good. The pig roast was awesome, and they made the best BBQ burgers.

All in all a GREAT time. I am hoping to get pictures posted soon... Stay tuned. But head over to the facebook hayloft group page to see some of the pics already up !

Thursday, May 13, 2010

CityTV's "Breakfast Television" At The Hayloft

Free Image Hosting at

Stage Ready for Springtime Music Festival

Free Image Hosting at
Uwe stands by the Prairie Rose stage he and friends constructed to host this year s SpringtimeinAlberta.

One local man has constructed his dream in the form of a stage in a field.

Uwe has built it, will they come?

The Hayloft Acres, about five minutes outside of Sherwood Park, has hosted many music events over the years.

SpringtimeinAlberta, now in its seventh year, will be an outdoor show on Saturday, May 15, starting at 1 p.m., with the stage finished after eight years of construction.

Uwe said Nov. 2, 2002 was the start of the dream. A dry year, like this one, meant no one wanted to rent the pasture. He decided to turn the space to a stage.
He and his friends played every Tuesday and put their hard work into building the stage.

The headliner of SpringtimeinAlberta is Celtic Fusion Illusion, a 28-piece rock-Celtic group.

"It's going to be a huge show and really something for the County of Strathcona," he said. "I don't think we've ever had anything like this out here. They're the type of band that plays for the queen when she comes to town."

Uwe said they are the type of band you won't know the hit songs from, but it's more of a spectacle.

Joe Public, a rock group from Whitecourt; Scott Cook, a young up-and-coming artist; John Spearn, Canadiana musician, The HeartAcres, Uwe's band; Low Flying Planes, a group of young girls; Marv Machura; and Mandy McMillan will also play.

The Hayloft started in the mid-'80s as a recording studio.

"One thing leads to another and you start having parties and they start getting bigger and bigger and you meet some good people that are behind you and you just keep rolling with it," Uwe said.

Jam sessions in the 1990s turned into SpringtimeinAlberta seven years ago.

That led him to the largest musical festival he has ever put on. Construction of the stage started last year, but Uwe dug out the hillside and water body years ago.

"It's just been a waiting game," Uwe said. "It takes a lot of money, which acoustic guitar players don't have a lot of."

Previous SpringtimeinAlberta participants included local recording acts The Hootenannies, John Henry Band, and Junior Gone Wild.

Uwe said there have always been big turnouts for the festival, but the waves of people sometimes wane, requiring reinvention.

"You can only draw on the same crowd for so long," Uwe said.

Tickets are $25, or five for $100, in advance by calling 780-922-3968, or $30 at the gate. Hayloft Acres is located along Range Road 224 off of the Whitemud.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Springtime in Alberta gets some press!

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Don't forget to tune into Breakfast Television on Wednesday morning from 7 - 9 AM to check out more coverage on springtimeinalberta!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Live at the HAYLoft tonight....

Hay peeps...good day to you on this pleasant "SpringtimeinAlberta" day out there...are you still looklin for something to do tonite...well blow out this way and get out of the hurricane...gather around our wood burning stove and soak up some good vibes and livemusic and a room full of friendlys...featuring the "Marv Machura Band"..."the HeartAcres" and of course "the Monsterjam" after the show...wanna jam...get down and out tonite...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A quick reminder...

Hay everybody...well just a little reminder on the upcoming " LiveattheHAYLoft " always the doors are open at starts around 8:30...featuring our friend Marv Machura and his band of hombres...and... I'm thinkin' about the jam after the show...where I too will be able to play some guitar or drums with some of the boys and yeah..."webejammin"...and of course it goes without saying that "theHeartAcres" will be doing some of their favorites to open come on out spend an evening in the country...with some great folks...supporting live music...see the progress of the " Prairie Rose " come early and say hello...see you Saturday...door $10...

ps...we will have tickets available on Saturday for "SpringtimeinAlberta " May 15-2010...

meantime check out our " SpringtimeinAlberta " feature video

Monday, March 29, 2010

next " LiveattheHAYLoft "... April10-10

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Well, hello to all you good people out there...I just wanna start up here on a very positive note...about the great weekend just passed...about the good work we got started on as we got back to work after a bit of a time off during our great Canadian winter...I love the smell of new lumber...the birds were singing...the grass on the hillside is just on the egde of starting up for another season...quite remarkable really this grass thing...maybe it's just me and my fascination about nature...and how it all came to be in such a natural it all fits together...kinda like finding that elusive groove at a jam with a bunch of guys and everybody knows their part in a natural unrehearsed way type thing...I love Nature...and I even got invited out for it doesn't get much better than that...from a Jack to a King...and all because of my acoustic guitar...imagine singin for you...

as the most of you know we have " SpringtimeinAlberta " on our minds around here these days...and it all feels real's gonna be the biggest day that we will have ever had the priviledge to be able to be involved with...and on sooo many levels...makes me glad for my high level of managing skills I acquired from the good folks at "NAIT"...circa 1973...blahblahblah...

but first I gotta tell you all about the doo out here for April some of you know we've been kinda on the lookout for that special formula to keep the magic of "theHAYLoft" alive...and well we're on the verge of implementing new ways of running the show "...without having to compromise...and, keeping music alive and well for you who come to see what's happening "LiveattheHAYLoft"...

so without boring you to death...I must say that we have re-incorporated the very popular " MonsterJam " at the end of the if you wanna play get in touch and you won't have to pay to play...

so by popular demand we welcome back "the Marv Machura Band" which is perfect for us as Marv has been a huge part of the way we do things around here...and so on the eve of our 7th annual "SpringtimeinAlberta "...I remember well, the evening when Marv and I sat around playing a little guitar, having a cool one, drawin in the vibe and along the way I said something like ..." hay man we should do something on a annual basis...and without hesitation he said...yeah... and we should call it SpringtimeinAlberta...

and so as we get ready to have our last indoor affair for a while and move to the hillside with our brand new stage "the Prairie Rose" seems nothin but fittin to have a little "Hello Goodbye" party with theHAYLofts favorite bunch of bad boys..."the Marv Machura Band"...a good time to be had without being bad...come early have a brew from our fully stocked cashbar and watch the sun go down in the country as another evening of live music is gettin ready to start...doors open starts around 8pm...$10 live it at theHAYLoft

...check out the pics & we'll keep em updated as the days roll...till next time Uwe and the HAYLoftgang...

.: click the thumbnails to make 'em big :.

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